Leisure (Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley) is a conceptual collaborative art practice based in Montreal. Working together under the name “Leisure” since 2004, Carruthers and Wesley engage with socio-historical narratives through conceptual research, conversation, intervention, published texts and exhibition making. Leisure has produced exhibitions and special projects in collaboration with venues in Canada and abroad, and participated in residencies in Banff, Dawson City, Haliburton and Vienna. Their current research on gesture and spatial narrative include, “How One Becomes What One Is” forthcoming with Passenger Books, 2016 and “You must do the moving” to be exhibited at Artexte, Montreal, 2016.


Time Capsule, A video showing possible still life arrangements of studio objects, 2014, Video , Duration 16:00 Minutes
Shared Armature, Images drawn from publications describing the creative relationship between Constance Spry and Gluck, 2013, Digital Print
2015, Digital Print
Black glazed mantle vase, c 1930, Fulham Pottery, UK Design attributed to Constance Spry
The Shell of a Wild Forgotten Phantasy, 2012, Video work with sound, 4:50 Minutes
Witch Trap #1, 2012, Digital print on Charmeuse silk, dye sublimation printer
Witch Trap #2, 2012, found driftwood
Constance Spry picking flowers, 1958 Images drawn from publications by and about Constance Spry, 2013, Digital Print