Nicole Coon,, Vanessa Lee Jackson,, Susan for Susan, &, Zach Besner, : DesignTO Festival
January 17–26, 2019

Susan for Susan
Vanessa Lee Jackson
Nicole Coon &
Zachary Besner

January 17 to January 26, 2019
Opens: Thursday January 17th 6-8pm 

DesignTO Festival

 Nicole Coon, Vanessa Lee Jackson, Susan for Susan (John and Kevin Watts), & Zachary Besner

Susan for Susan is the Toronto based studio of brothers John and Kevin Watts. Working in both art and design, their work is informed by a shared interest in archiving their daily experiences. The narratives they present are microcosms of transitory moments in both their personal lives and their exposure to trade environments.

Zachary Besner born in Kitchener, currently living in Toronto. He is an artist/ designer with a keen interest in furniture and interiors.

Nicole Jewell Coon is a furniture designer. She holds a BA in Art History from McGill University and is currently studying Furniture design at Sheridan College. Nicole’s interest in curatorial studies and visual culture has pushed her to develop technical skills and examine object-hood and contemporary furniture approaches. Based in Toronto, Nicole works on different personal, collaborative and commissioned projects