Darby Milbrath: Blue Hyacinth
April 1–23, 2016

Darby Milbrath
Blue Hyacinth  
Opens: Friday April 1st, 6 – 9PM
April 1st – April 23rd

ESP is pleased to present Darby Milbrath’s first solo exhibition, Blue Hyacinth. The mythical blue hyacinth, known as the common bluebell, is the flower of grief and mourning. It was created out of the blood of the dying prince Hyacinthus by his grief-stricken lover Apollo, whose tears marked the flower with the words "ai, ai" (or “alas”), so that his cry of woe might exist forevermore on earth.

Blue Hyacinth is a portrayal of human tragedy, loss and transformation. This body of work exhibits an overlapping of classical motifs of war and peace, heaven and hell, with a playful spirit and a soft sincerity. While Milbrath’s paintings have a diaristic and confessional quality, she is also inspired by depictions of saintly women fighting, grieving and transcending in religious themes.

A formally untrained painter, Darby’s work as a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer largely influences her visual art practice. Originally from Victoria BC, Darby is currently working and living in Toronto as an emerging painter. She is the chief advisor and Toronto correspondent for The Editorial Magazine as well as the Master Perfumer for Province Apothecary. More from Darby Milbrath