Jessica Groome: Nude in the Woods
October 16–November 28, 2015

Jessica Groome
Nude in the Woods
Opens: Friday, October 16th 6-9pm
October 16 - November 28, 2015

While completing a self-directed residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island) in the summer of 2014, Jessica Groome discovered an image of “Drei Akte im Wald” (Three Nudes in the Forest) by the German painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in the collection of the AGP library. Stylized and beautiful, Kirchner’s painting had a serendipitous relationship with the work Groome was making during her stay on the island. The strangeness of the image, including the light, atmosphere and palette of Kirchner’s painting had an inspirational impact on her practice.

Groome creates compositions that begin with a single decision and ultimately allow for one or two more to follow. Each work uses variations of reoccurring forms: the circle, the half circle, and a shape Groome has named the "double curve." Her vocabulary suggests a strictly geometric approach, yet the paintings possess distinct, idiosyncratic and figurative characteristics. Using an economic gesture that varies in opacity, the thinly painted surfaces appear light as continuous directional brushstrokes occupy the surface either vertically or horizontally. These discreet marks are a reminder of the physicality involved, offering evidence of the hand. A tension emerges in the work as the pairings and cut-outs visually activate positive and negative space simultaneously.

Together the new paintings on linen, wall-works and paper collages speak to each other in a playful and clever way, forming a poetic dialogue throughout the installation. The spirit of this exhibition asks the viewer to step into Kirchner’s metaphorical ray of light, as we imagine ourselves wild, free and nude in the woods.

By Ashleigh Bartlett

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Image credit:
Drei Akte im Wald
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Oil on Linen
149 x 195 cm
Collection of the Wilhem-Hack Museum More from Jessica Groome