Katie Bethune-Leamen, Fastwurms , Maggie Groat, Susy Oliveira, Cameron Lee, Annie MacDonell: past present FUTURE
September 18–October 10, 2015

September 18 – October 10, 2015
Opens: Friday, September 18th 6:00 – 9:00pm

past present FUTURE
curated by Erin Stump & Kristin Weckworth

The opening exhibition of ESP’s new location past present FUTURE is a three-part exhibition series co-curated by Kristin Weckworth and Erin Stump. The first exhibition, FUTURE, features work by artists Katie Bethune-Leamen, Fastwurms, Maggie Groat, Susy Oliveira, Cameron Lee and Annie MacDonell

Exploring themes of time and space from intuitive and physical realms, the past present FUTURE exhibition series seeks to create portals that tap into the psychic realm of visionaries.

1. a person who is supposed to be able, through supernatural insight, to see what the future holds.

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