March 20–29, 2014

Laura McCoy
Mona Poem
March 20- 29, 2014
Opens: Saturday March 22, 5-8pm

ESP is proud to present their newest  exhibtion enititled Mona Poem, by Laura McCoy. Mona Poem is an interactive investigation and dialogue between body of work, the space and the viewer.

The work intends to create a place, always shifting and rethinking itself, confusing who directs the work and employs a precarious nature with an emphasis on the structure the work highlights. Through the use of materials and meticulous placement of objects, McCoy  forces the viewer to resist the impenetrable within sclupture to call into consideration to the placement and the transition within each piece. Here, the paradox of the author's hand acts as though it requires evidence for existence through the use of the trace, while at the same time attempting to disregard authorship by creating a working mythology that proclaims the author is only helping things along.

Laura McCoy's work considers states that teeter on the precarious and explore the vulnerability of material. By applying quasi-structures to trusted systems like that of written language , she looks at how units work within syntax to create meaning and treats these units as one might treat words. The work enjoys a fluidity of being- sometimes even existing in a constant state of performance--as though it never quite finishes becoming. Ultimately the work pursues the existence of being "barely a thing" and hopes to reconsider space with a similar sentiment.