Rosa Aiello, Harold Batista, Nikki Woolsey: HOW TO LIVE TOGETHER: Gallery Hour
August 28–September 6, 2014


Rosa Aiello
Harold Batista
Nikki Woolsey

"It’s possible for individual subjects (any one of us) to have fantasies of Living-Together. We set about elaborating a fantasmatic form of Living-Together, selecting our would-be companions from ournetwork of acquaintances. Now, what’s interesting about that fan-tasmatic elaboration is not who we choose, but who we exclude: the criteria for exclusion don’t necessarily overlap with the imperatives of affect...[...]" - Roland Barthes, How to live together.

HOW TO LIVE TOGETHER is a self regulating residency and lecture series inspired by and derived from Roland Barthes text by the same name. It commenced at Videofag in July 2014, and is now nomadic. It is organized by Danielle St. Amour and Xenia Benivolski.

This entry of HOW TO LIVE TOGETHER features work by Rosa Aiello, Harold Batista and Nikki Woolsey.

Video works will be displayed between 7 and 8 pm for a total duration of 1 hour. Visitors will be invited to respond to the series in an informal discussion, mediated by process TBA.

HOW TO LIVE TOGETHER: Gallery Hour will be open August 28, 7-8pm
September 4, 9-10pm

Image credit: Eunice Luk, Half Of The Time, 2014