Tamara Henderson: Corpse Reviver
December 5–28, 2013

ESP presents Corpse Reviver, Tamara Henderson’s first solo exhibition in Canada. The exhibition includes a suite of recent paintings as well as a 16mm film, Accent Grave on Ananas and an edition of glassworks, entitled Pineapple Interiors.

The paintings, like the sculptures and film are an investigative cruise through Henderson’s nocturnal journalism, “evergreen minutes”,  a sprawling cryptic series of screenplays stitched together from automatic gonzo-esque scripts. Arriving at the idea of cinematic storyboards made as pictorial table-top factured tableaux, the sand cocktail inspired paintings Corpse Reviver, Interiors and Gliding in On a Shrimp Sandwich, made in collaboration with New York based Jeannine Han. Maintaining an affirmative pursuit towards hallucinatory plot twists, a labyrinth dedicated to the idea of scrutinizing the sculpture as character - Resort Collection Transitions to Vacations. Afterall, still waters encourage swamp growth.

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